Is your sales process effective for the sales team and the business as a whole?

When was the last time that you sat down and thoroughly considered what your sales process looks like from prospecting to closing the deal?

Granted you might have spent time on the sales strategy (see our related blog on this topic) but again many companies pay scant regard to how they will implement the sales plan.

Do you have a structured process that enables you to identify potential prospects, allows you to engage effectively with the client to understand if there is a genuine opportunity and gather the relevant information to provide the best proposal for the new business?

Furthermore, what do you do with this information, do you measure and review both success and failure, do you use it to gear up the business to meet future demands and if so, how accurately does the expected meet the realised outcomes?

Finally, ask yourself if you conclude the sales process with the same vigour and attention that you give to winning the deal. Handover of any new business from sales to operations is vitally important to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Indeed, handover actually begins right at the start of the process with presales.

If any of the above reflections resonate with you then chances are you could be wasting time and money through inefficiencies in your processes, losing deals through lack of understanding, wasting money gearing up for potential deals that never materialise and jeopardising customer retention through poor handover procedures.

At Fresh Eyes Associates (FE) we appreciate that all firms are striving to work effectively and to the best of their ability. Time is limited and the demands of customers or the necessity to push for the next sale means that often a review of the sales process is left forever on the wish list.

That why FE work with businesses to provide individually structured reviews of their current sales process. Undertaking a 1 to 3-day engagement we provide a time saving and cost-efficient evaluation that will enable the business to develop a Sales Process that provides for the best possible performance from your people and resources.

If this sounds of interest, then check out our website or book a free introductory meeting to see if we are the right people to help you move forward with your business.

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