Is your sales strategy actually costing you money!

Every business has a sales strategy; be it a detailed documented approach thrashed out on boardroom away days or the intuitive sole proprietor who’s hopes are based on expectation and gut feel.

However, wherever you sit on this spectrum, it is likely that your sales strategy is costing you money if you do not regularly review what factors can fundamentally affect your sales planning.

Of course, all companies want growth but how much growth and most importantly what is the impact on the business to meet this additional demand?

Equally important do you really know who your customer is; are you missing opportunities to increase your reach via new markets or products?

If you have a grasp on your customer are you maximising your available resources to reach out to that customer and are you communicating with them in their language and via topics that relate to them?

Are you reviewing previous marketing and sales history for affirmation of what works and what doesn’t, are your campaigns structured and relevant to each channel?

Is your sales plan achievable and your commission plan affordable and aspirational?

If you are not adequately reflecting on these or similar issues and questions then chances are that you are leaving money on the table in terms of increased cost, inefficiency, low productivity and loss of revenue.

In our experience the answers to all these queries can be found internally from the experiences of the work force and the data held by the business.

At Future Eyes Associates (FE), we help businesses by providing an individually structured review of their current sales strategy to focus on these and other pertinent concerns. Undertaking a 1 to 3-day engagement we provide a time saving and cost-efficient evaluation that will enable the business to develop a Sales Strategy that provides for the best possible performance from your people and resources.

If this sounds of interest, then check out our website or book a free introductory meeting to see if we are the right people to help you move forward with your business.

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