John this was absolutely brilliant thank you!!! I’ve taken away so much from this session and been tweaking (or should I say hacking away at) our processes already this morning 🙂

Thomas Joyce

Owner of Monster Creative

It was a great session; I came away with loads of nuggets and things to do. Thank you for your time and expertise John.


Janet Webb Consulting

Thanks John – it was good to take time out and re-think where I am with regards sales strategy.  Your insight made for a very useful and interesting session.

Dianne Lambdin

The Sussex HR Hub

John really does bring fresh eyes to your business, it’s as simple as that. I had a chat with John back in April, 6 months and a lockdown later we are doing better than ever, I cant thank John and Fresh Eyes Associates enough.

Thomas Orchard

MD of Device Doctors

Sales and Account Management Consultancy

Fresh Eyes Associates specialise in providing Sales and Account Management consultancy for companies in the IT sector and for any business that undertakes or could benefit from, a consultative sales approach.

Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

However, many companies are busy dealing with the here and now, reacting to the ever-changing needs of customers, suppliers and regulators. Processes are infrequently or never reviewed, leading to companies losing money through increased costs and lost revenues by not implementing a structured sales and account management procedure relevant to their marketplace.

This is particularly relevant to the IT sector. Many IT firms across all aspect of the sector (be they developers, MSP’s, solution evangelists, outsourcers, designers, data analytics, infrastructure, cloud and SaaS etc..) are so passionate about their solution/service that they want to reach out to as many prospects as they can, show the advantages of their product and react to every piece of feedback to enhance and deliver new versions of their offering.

Whilst such enthusiasm is commendable it invariably leads to a disjointed sales and account management function which has little focus, control or accountability.

Equally, many companies in IT and across all sectors, undertake a consultative sales approach to sell their product or service. Again, this sales technique needs discipline and structure to be replicated successfully and to maximise both new sales and ongoing sales from existing clients.

Any company that looks to add value to their customers from the selling of their service or product needs to understand their specific buyers, couch their USP’s in value propositions that are relevant to the buyer and make it easy for the buyer to buy their product.

Working in partnership with your business, Fresh Eyes Associates offers impartial advice on how to maximise the return on your sales and account management activities based on over 30 years of successful commercial experience in the IT sector effectively utilising consultative selling techniques.

Fresh Eyes do not offer set sales programmes for businesses to follow, believing that every business is unique with their own requirements and culture. We focus on identifying tailored improvements to strategy and process that can be implemented quickly at little if any additional cost and provide a speedy return on your investment in our services.

As specialist in the IT sector and consultative selling; let us enable you to clarify your sales strategy to maximise opportunities, streamline your sales process to capitalise on the best prospects and ensure that you deliver a customer focused account management service that takes full commercial advantage of strong ongoing client relationships

Below we consider just some of the issues that your company might be experiencing with your sales and account management procedures and some of the topics areas that we would consider when reviewing your individual company circumstances.

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Million pounds
Product and services sold.
Years Of Experience

Sales StrategY

Posssible Considerations -

Are your planned objectives achievable in terms of sales and delivery?

Do you have the right sales staff, tools and processes to achieve your goals?

Are you targeting the right markets, prospects and roles and doing so effectively?

Are you making it easy for buyers to buy from you?

Possible Review Topics -

Sales Process

Possible Considerations -


Are you qualifying prospects by asking the right questions?

My service title

Is your sales forecasting accurate and used by the rest of the business?

My service title

Is your sales process mapped and can it be reviewed, measured and replicated?

My service title

Are you losing money by providing free pre-sales work?

Possible Review Topics -

Account Management

Possible Considerations -


Does onboarding a new client sometimes cause issues and unexpected extra cost?

My service title

Is customer turnover an issue?

My service title

Could you leverage more business from existing clients?

My service title

Do you educate your clients to maximise your customer value?

Possible Review Topics -


Because every business is unique then so too are the outcomes that our consultancy will deliver.

But by offering concise tailored reviews matched to our wealth of sales experience we can improve the performance of your sales practices by the implementation of quick cost-effective changes to processes and working practices.

Some potential OUTCOMES you can achieve through working with Fresh Eyes:

  • Be confident that your business will cope with the demands created by an uplift in new sales be that new or existing markets.
  • Be assured you are not wasting time and money chasing the wrong client with the wrong message.
  • Be secure in the knowledge that your sales processes are designed to maximise sales margins not revenue.
  • Be clear that your salesforce is fully incentivised to follow your sales process and maximise opportunities
  • Be satisfied that your salesforce is undertaking a consultative sales approach, engaging with buyers on their terms, using questioning to determine the validity of the prospect.
  • Be certain that your sales performance is monitored, reviewed and where necessary training for improvement is embedded in the process
  • Be positive that pipeline realistically reflects your expected sales so that operations, support and finance can then plan rather than react to new sales.
  • Be open with your clients and ensure their expectations for delivery, onboarding and implementation are in line with your internal abilities to supply services and product.
  • Be sure that every customer is treated in a uniform manner that reflect the values and brand of your company and ensures customer loyalty and retention

If you want to learn more call  07971 052857, fill in the contact form below or email: john@fresheyesassociates.co.uk


Our aim is to provide a review of your sales and account management activities and offer individually tailored advice to help you maximise the return on your prospect and client relationships.

Fresh Eyes want to develop long term relationships with clients, but we believe that first we must demonstrate our capabilities to deliver quick, easy to implement solutions which will add margin to your bottom line.

As such we undertake a FREE introductory call to discover more about your business. In partnership with our clients we agree on what areas to initially focus our investigations and determine the length of the assignment dependent on the breadth of the review.

The maximum length of an opening engagement is limited to 3 days. This ensures that our clients do not take unnecessary time away from their daily business activities and that any time allocated to the review can be recouped through the implementation of our initial recommendations.

Equally important our initial engagement allows both Fresh Eyes and our new clients the opportunity to discover if they are culturally compatible and can work together in an open but respectful manner without entering into a long-term commitment.


Once the first engagement has been delivered then further ongoing consultancy or mentoring can be undertaken for all aspects of the sales function, be this on a retainer or per project basis.


If you want to learn more call  07971 052857, fill in the contact form below or email: john@fresheyesassociates.co.uk


A fundamental requirement of keeping our sales and account management advice relevant is the continued necessity to meet with new businesses, understand the challenges they face, the actions they have implemented and the outcomes of these activities.  

Very occasionally, we find companies that have either a unique offering or a fresh approach to how they position their service in the marketplace.

As a Sales and Account Management consultancy, we believe that if we are to “talk the talk” we should be prepared to “walk the walk”.

That is why when we come across great businesses we like to try and promote their services to our existing and ever-growing network of contacts.

Fresh Eyes are delighted to endorse and act as agents for a select number of businesses who we identify as Associates to the business.

Each Associate offers an exceptional and cost effective solution to a genuine business issue but equally important they all have a customer centric philosophy at the heart of all that they do.

Beekeeper – Internal Communications for non-desktop workers

Yoti – Biometric signing platform

We are lean and agile


The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

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