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Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

However, many new and smaller companies are too busy dealing with the here and now, reacting to the ever-changing needs of customers, suppliers and regulators. As a result, many businesses are losing money through unnecessary costs and lost revenues because they do not have a structured sales and account management process, or they have failed to review their current procedures.

Working in partnership with your business, Fresh Eyes (FE) offer impartial advice on how to reduce costs and increase revenues based on over 30 years of commercial sales and account management experience (owning start-ups and SME’s and working for regional and enterprise class businesses).

Unlike many consultancies and action coaches we do not offer set programmes for businesses to follow.  We believe that every business is unique with their own requirements and culture. A one size fits all approach can miss the subtleties that make every business different to their competitors.

Because most start-up’s and SME’s are usually both time and cash poor FE offer our Younique programme.

These are quick, incisive engagements (ranging from 1 – 3 days) that take a concise review of your sales strategy, sales process and account management procedures and offer up quick actionable wins that produce an immediate return on your investment.

Our Younique programmes will shorten the time taken to undertake a review, bring a fresh perspective and allow you to concentrate on areas where you can get the best return on investment.

Below we consider some of the issues that your company might be experiencing with your sales and account management procedures and some of the topics areas that we would consider when reviewing your individual situations.

If you have doubts about your current or future sales and account management processes and procedures, then call us to arrange a free introductory meeting.

Even small tweaks in your methods and activities can provide significant improvements in revenues and margins.

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Sales Strategy

Posssible Considerations -

Are you confident that you are not wasting time and money chasing the wrong client, with the wrong message?

Is your sales strategy fully aligned with your business?

Possible Review Topics -

  • Business limitations
  • Identifying your customer
  • New opportunities
  • Routes to market
  • Goal setting
  • Campaigns

Sales Process

Possible Considerations -


Is your sales process costing you money?

My service title

Do you have a sales process that everyone follows and allows you to plan, forecast, close and deliver with confidence?

Possible Review Topics -

  • Identifying your customer
  • Prospect interaction
  • Forecasting
  • Negotiating
  • CRM
  • Sales role duties
  • Commission structures
  • Pre-sales
  • Handover

Account Management

Possible Considerations -


Are you worried that your customer care is costing you money?

My service title

Could you leverage more business from existing clients?

Possible Review Topics -

  • Pre-sales
  • Onboarding
  • Support
  • Reviews
  • Updates
  • Referrals


FE will never over promise and under deliver and so we do not make wild predictions on outcomes.

By embarking on one of our Younique programmes you will either make changes to your Sales and Account Management procedures that will add immediately to your bottom line margin or get clarity that your business is working in an effective manner that is maximising your sales effort to both new and existing customers.

By undertaking our Younique programme

  • You will be confident that your business will cope with the demands created by an uplift in new sales. There are no unexpected additional internal costs or a reduction in customer service.
  • You will be assured you are not wasting time and money chasing the wrong client with the wrong message. You are also maximising your potential sales revenues by engaging with buyers on their terms.
  • You Know your pipeline realistically reflects your expected sales. Operations, production and finance can plan rather than react to new sales so reducing cost.
  • You will take satisfaction from knowing that every customer is treated in a uniformed manner that reflect the values and brand of your company and ensures customer loyalty and retention

If you want to learn more call  07971 052857  07971 052857 or fill in the contact form below


FE recognise that every business is different so our Younique programmes are tailored to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

To begin with we offer a free introductory meeting or call to understand what areas we need to focus upon within Sales Strategy, Sales Process and Account Management to ensure that we give you the best return on your investment. It also provides the client the opportunity to get an appreciation of what Fresh Eyes can offer your business.

Equally important it allows both parties the opportunity to discover if they are culturally compatible and can work together in an open but respectful manner.

We offer 1 to 3-day Younique consultancy packages (prices on application)

1-day package – Consists of a half day review followed by half day considering new complimentary actions to move the business forward.

2-day package – Consists of a more in-depth and wider ranging review of the existing sales and account management practice and a more detailed analysis of complimentary actions with the adoption of a set of objectives for the business to follow.

3-day package – Includes an additional half day to ratify that any changes to recommended processes reflect the agreed actions from the initial consultancy. A further half day consultancy is provided to review outcomes of the changed processes that have been implemented.

FE can continue to offer on-going support and advice to businesses, acting as either a mentor or consultant. This follow up work can be based on a pay as you go model or via a retainer option whereby, we are available as and when you have a need. (POA)

If you want to learn more call  07971 052857 or fill in the contact form below


A fundamental requirement of keeping our sales and account management advice relevant is the continued necessity to meet with new businesses, understand the challenges they face, the actions they have implemented and the outcomes of these activities.  

Very occasionally, we find companies that have either a unique offering or a fresh approach to how they position their service in the marketplace.

As a Sales and Account Management consultancy, we believe that if we are to “talk the talk” we should be prepared to “walk the walk”.

That is why when we come across great businesses we like to try and promote their services to our existing and ever-growing network of contacts.

Fresh Eyes are delighted to endorse and act as agents for a select number of businesses who we identify as Associates to the business.

Each Associate offers an exceptional and cost effective solution to a genuine business issue but equally important they all have a customer centric philosophy at the heart of all that they do.

Beekeeper – Internal Communications for non-desktop workers

Yoti – Biometric signing platform

We are lean and agile



John this was absolutely brilliant thank you!!! I’ve taken away so much from this session and been tweaking (or should I say hacking away at) our processes already this morning 🙂

Thomas Joyce – Owner of Monster Creative


It was a great session; I came away with loads of nuggets and things to do. Thank you for your time and expertise John.

Janet Webb Consulting


Thanks John – it was good to take time out and re-think where I am with regards sales strategy.  Your insight made for a very useful and interesting session. 

Dianne Lambdin – The Sussex HR Hub

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

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