John Donoghue

Is your sales process effective for the sales team and the business as a whole?

When was the last time that you sat down and thoroughly considered what your sales process looks like from prospecting to closing the deal? Granted you might have spent time on the sales strategy (see our related blog on this topic) but again many companies pay scant regard to how they will implement the sales.

Are your business processes fit for purpose?

Are you worried that some of your processes and procedures within your business are inefficient, complicated or being completely ignored? Are you concerned that others procedures are nearing breaking point and are constraining the growth of the business? If you have these or similar thoughts, then you are almost certainly losing money and should really.

Is your sales strategy actually costing you money!

Every business has a sales strategy; be it a detailed documented approach thrashed out on boardroom away days or the intuitive sole proprietor who’s hopes are based on expectation and gut feel. However, wherever you sit on this spectrum, it is likely that your sales strategy is costing you money if you do not regularly.