Simple, fast, safe

Fresh Eyes Associates are delighted to be a referral partner for Yoti Sign – the new way to sign documents online using verified digital identities.

Speed up your signing processes by using Yoti Sign to send your documents.

Yoti Sign offers the convenience and simplicity of e-signing platforms, but with the added security of biometric verification and cryptographic signatures. Choose your level of authentication, from one-click email to full biometric authentication at no extra cost.


Yoti Sign features


Use your existing documents

Flexible signature placement

Choose level of authentication

Bulk send

Set automatic reminders


Sign on multiple devices

Verified signee details

Separate cover sheet with each signee’s details, like name and date of birth

Real time status updates


Yoti authentication and protection

All your documents in one secure place

An audit trail of all activity

Legally compliant and admissible in court

eIDAS, ESIGN Act and UETA compliant

How Yoti Sign Works

Log in to Yoti Sign and upload your document

Choose who signs the document

Choose the level of authentication

Choose where on the document you want someone to sign

Review and send

Yoti Sign is perfect for all businesses that require document management and signing solutions including:

Real estate







Human resources

and many more.

To learn more, arrange a free demonstration or to take up the offer of a 14 day free trial please fill in the contact form below.